About ÅsNa

Who and what are we?

Åbolands Nation at Åbo Akademi, or short ”ÅsNa”, is a student organization for all students studying at Åbo Akademi or Novia.  We are a Student Nation, which means that our members originally came from the same region – in our case, the Turku region (“Åboland”). Today ÅsNa (and all other Student Nations at Åbo Akademi) welcome all students no matter the origins. The members of ÅsNa have at least one thing in common – we all study in the best city in the world, ÅBO!

What do we do?

ÅsNa organizes many different activities during the year, including ”sitzes” or “sitz-parties”, (the traditional student-party in Finland), sport events, get-togethers and various theme nights. Our most well-known sitz, the ”Skärgårdssitz” is held in late October every year. In ÅsNa, board members are elected each November.

Why should you join?

As a nation our goal is to provide opportunities for students to meet, socialize and enjoy life outside of the classroom. We offer our members a chance to meet new people (with different majors) and at the same time keep in touch with old friends. ÅsNa should be seen as a complement to the traditional student organizations (which are based on the fields of study) and not as rivals. You can be a member of both! Of course you can be a member of as many different nations as you wish! Everybody is welcome!