Become a member

What do I get as a member?

As a member of ÅsNa you will have access to for exampe:

  • Member exclusive events
  • Membership prizes
  • Weekly information e-mails
  • Voting rights at meetings
  • Access to the fotogallery
  • Access to ÅsNeBryggan, the magazine

How do I become a member?

Alternative 1: Find us at any event, for example the “Gulnäbbsakademi” i september, or at any of ÅsNa’s own events. Tell us you want to become a member and pay the membership fee, which is 7 € per year

Alternative 2:

  1. Send us an email at and tell us your name, e-mail and hometown
  2. Pay the membership fee (7 €) in cash at any event, or to our bank account:

Åbolands Nation

FI63 6601 0001 0761 08
Reference number: 1232